How Forgiveness Can Change Your Life and Business

Apr 8, 2017 | | Say something

I think everyone has some experience dealing with forgiveness. Whether you have asked for forgiveness or been asked to forgive, you know how difficult it can be. It is my belief that the hardest person to forgive is your self. Many people struggle everyday with mistakes they made in the past or decision they made that took them away from their goals. This article is going to explain how forgiveness can change your life and business.

Forgiveness is a tough cookie. It is one emotion unlike all other emotional responses. No action is required other than letting go of pain from the past. Forgive comes easily too few people. I know for myself I struggle to forgive people who hurt me deeply. As I have talked to people about forgiveness that often are more forgiving of people than they are of themselves!

Many people have deep emotional hang ups! Relationships are a great way to never forgive someone else. Look at the divorce rate; few people are able to forgive their significant other for actions and mistakes they have made. They build up an emotional barrier to prevent any future pain.

The same is true for business. Many it is a bad business venture where you told everyone you knew about how successful you were going to be, but you fell on your face! Few people get over the feedback that the world is giving them. To be successful we have to forgive ourselves of the past and focus on what we can do with our lives. The first step to over coming your emotional hang up and issue is to change the way you look at your “pains” from the past. Quit wasting time interpreting the past and labeling each so called “failure” or mistake. Remember the past is done. Every second spent focused on figuring out the past opposed to taking these lessons as feedback is wasted.

It all starts with forgiving yourself.

John T.S. Murphy- Is a home based business owner who teaches people “How To” break free of the 9 to 5 Lifestyle. He shows EXACTLY how you can work from home, call your own shots, and live the lifestyle of your dreams!

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