Obama Grants for Moms: Money for College

Dec 21, 2015 | | Say something

Education is always an important key to a good future. The President has on many occasions emphasized the need for a strong education system. Grants and scholarships are just the beginning of efforts to try to make over higher education. College expenses continue to increase even as the economy slumps. College costs can really add up especially when money for things besides tuition and housing is considered. With high costs looming, many young adults can’t afford to go to a university. Single moms are especially affected in a bad way. Not only does educating mothers help provide for their families, but it also improves the workforce. The President has attempted to help by encouraging more grants for single mothers to attend school. Although they are the same, many people refer to Federal Pell grants as Obama grants. To help with university costs, a student can earn more than $ 5,000. The primary goal is to encourage single moms to return to school, and by 2012 they could receive as much as $ 5,400. These grants can be used to cover many of the miscellaneous college expenses. There’s also another great program: the American Opportunity Tax Credit. This tax credit makes a way for students to write off the first $ 4,000 of their education costs. This is a worthy incentive, especially for schools that are less expensive. A grant for a working mother as well as a tax credit can help fund much-appreciated educational advancement. Another great factor is that students aren’t particularly targeted based on what or where they study. Diversity is encouraged. Moms and students of all kinds can go to school with a little less to worry about. Making more efforts to improve education opportunities is the best way for President Obama to show that he values them. The new stimulus package has some benefits for potential college students. The administration is also focusing on improving the performance of schools at all levels. Since many overlook community colleges, there is emphasis on increasing their effectiveness and appeal. To attend a 2-year college has a number of benefits, including saving money and learning a trade or skill. In a 2007 speech called Reclaiming the American Dream, the President said that making college education more available is “the best investment we can make in our future.” With the measures he has taken to this point, the President has demonstrated he means his words. Scholarships for moms are only a small part of the mission to help educate more people. Traditional and non-traditional students alike have numerous opportunities to put their education first.

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