Student Debt in America: Lend With a Smile, Collect With a Fist

Nov 29, 2015 | | Say something

Student Debt in America: Lend With a Smile, Collect With a Fist
The American student loan crisis is often seen as a problem of profligacy and predation. Wasteful colleges raise tuition every year, we are told, even as middle-class wages stagnate and unscrupulous for-profit colleges bilk the unwary. The result is …
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Take out loans to live on campus or lose out on a collegiate rite of passage?
“I hate debt as much as the next person, and getting out of school with a 10-to-15-year car payment/mortgage on your diploma is unacceptable. But I feel strongly enough about living at college that I will take out loans myself so that my two kids can …
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College Ave Student Loans CEO to Present at Marketplace Lending + Investing
WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–College Ave Student Loans, a leading online student loan marketplace lender, announced today that Joseph DePaulo, co-founder and chief executive officer at College Ave Student Loans, will present at the …
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The 2016 presidential candidates on student debt
A new Fusion poll finds that 40% of young people have taken out a student loan—and most borrowers call their loans a source of stress in their lives. So what are the presidential candidates planning to do about it? Here's a rundown of what the 2016ers …
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