College students protest racism, student loans, minimum wage

Nov 18, 2015 | | Say something

College students protest racism, student loans, minimum wage
The Million Student March has organized demonstrations on college campuses across the country, Reuters reports. According to the Million Student March's website, students will protest in favor of tuition-free public college, a cancelation of all …
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Expired loans cause problems for college students
WAYNESBORO-For some freshmen students this year, college may be a bit more expensive. Or at least, they won't be able to use some federal loans to pay for it. The Perkins Loan program expired on Sept. 30 and has yet to be reauthorized by the U.S. …
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4 student loan tips graduates wish they had known sooner
When asked about advice they'd offer current students regarding student loans, most graduates in repayment have the same answer: “Borrow only what you need to pay for college costs.” We spoke with recent college graduate Paige McNaney and returning …
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