School loans span multiple generations

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School loans span multiple generations
For people with college degrees but no graduate school education, incomes, after accounting for inflation, have declined, reducing their ability to repay their loans. For a 23-to-29-year-old with a college degree, median income in 2013 was $ 41,000.
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Ask Amy: Don't expect daughter to help repaying college loans
Years ago, I took out several parent "PLUS" loans to help put my daughter through college. She took out some smaller loans, which she has since paid off. She has been out of school for seven years and has a good job, while I have unexpectedly lost mine.
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Job Offers And No College Loans
There are two things that aren't unusual for students in ESF's paper engineering program: graduating with a job already lined up and finishing school with little to no debt. The frequent early success in the job market stems from a requirement that …
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Legislation Would Help Students Refinance College Loans
The bill provides college graduates the opportunity to restructure their loans the same way they can refinance home, car or small business loans. "West Virginia has one of the highest default rates," Sen. Capito says. "So this uses the private sector …
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