Grants for Women and College Scholarship

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In recent years, countless women gave up the chance to finish their studies so they can marry, raise children, and then focus on their marital life. Whilst having a family can bring you the greatest joy in life, getting a degree can be a more practical move especially in today’s competitive society where money seems to dictate our way of living. And once your children enter school, you may seem to realize that you are certainly in a great need of a career to contribute some money to shoulder the mounting household expenses. At such time, you may really want to go back to school to consequently get a good paying job. Fortunately, there are thousands of federal grants that will benefit women like you, including school grants.

College grants can help you get the money you need to cover school expenses. One good option to enjoy college funding is through the Jeannette Rankin Foundation. This organization provides money to low-income women aging 35 years and older, who desire to return to school. A Jeannette Rankin scholar will be granted a scholarship worth $ 2,000 to enable her to pursue education in the aim of overcoming challenges so as to build a better life for her, her family’s, and the community as a whole.

Besides the mentioned scholarship, the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting offers scholarships worth $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 to support fervent women who wish to pursue post-graduate studies in accounting.  In addition, the Possible Woman Foundation International offers financial aid worth $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 for women who are in their early stages of personal development, women who are changing careers, and stay at home moms who may lack the necessary skills to compete with the new graduates in the field. The scholarship equips this particular group of women with new skills to re-enter the workforce.

For further personal and advancement of women with undergraduate degree, the Selected Professional Fellowships can help them fund their pursuit of returning to school to acquire a graduate degree in specific area, such as architecture, engineering, mathematics and statistics, or computer related courses. The scholarships are sponsored by the American Association of University Women, offering considerable sums of money ranging between $ 5,000 and $ 20,000.

Whilst the mentioned scholarships apparently focus on women in pursuit of a degree in science or math, there are still organizations that grant scholarships in other fields. For example, the College Art Association funds $ 5,000 worth of scholarship for artistic women who aim to acquire a degree for it. Likewise, the National Sculpture Society also offers $ 1,000 worth of fund for each and every student who long to study culture.




If you’re a woman and you’ve ever thought about going back to school to finish a degree now is the time to take advantage of opportunities that are being nursing grants made available all over the United States.

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