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May 24, 2014 | | Say something

New, free service to educate students about college loans
Borrowing money from the federal government to help pay for college is a big commitment. That's why Parkland is partnering with American Student Assistance to offer SALT, an educational program that helps students understand the loan process …
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Student Loans: How Much Can You Borrow?
If you are a degree-seeking college student in the United States, you can qualify for a federal student loan to help pay for your education regardless of whether you've established credit or have a demonstrated financial need to borrow money …
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Hundreds of colleges missing from Obama's College Scorecard?
But some critics argue that, while thousands of colleges are included, the site leaves out many schools which might be good options for students. Russ Poulin … In a nutshell, the College Scorecard combines data from multiple sources – primarily from …
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