College Guide: A Must For Getting In To The Right College

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Right after high school, the frantic bustle for college search is one of the most challenging processes of getting in to the right college or university. In the US, a student is confronted by so many options when it comes to college admission. And every college these days tries to woo students through promotional campaigns and enticing offers. A student may easily get confused which college is the most suitable for him. But first you have to find out what all are the colleges which are located in your state or even beyond if you prefer. Well, there are directories and guides in the market which may be bulky, outdated, and not easily accessible. Rather than going for such type of resources, you can straightaway surf the web and get the required information. Once you go online, you may find several portals on college guide. But one portal with a touch of difference and uniqueness in guiding you is Unigo.

Unigo is a social networking site of college students moderated by a team of experts and is pregnant with highly useful contents for admission seekers such as articles on college admission, college reviews, college rankings, and information on campus life, internship, scholarship and student financing, and many more. And maximum of these information are provided by the members of this social networking site, i.e., current college students. This means you can expect fair, impartial, authentic, and critical information from Unigo. Also, this portal gives you a unique way of searching for colleges. For example you can search for colleges by tuition fee. Also, you can narrow down your search by colleges in a particular state or by the major you want to take up.

Another interesting stuff about Unigo is student videos. On this section, you will find several videos which are being uploaded by the member college students. These video clips throw light on various subtle and key aspects of a college such as campus culture, dorm atmosphere, college infrastructure etc. While some videos are funny, others give critical accounts. So for a complete guide on college admission do visit Unigo.

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