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Dec 11, 2013 | | Say something

Mom not out of options for repaying daughter's college loan
DEAR ABBY >> Your advice to “Poor Birth Mother in Georgia” on June 12 — “Because the college loan agreement with your daughter was verbal and wasn't put in writing, you don't have a legal means to force her to assume the loan payments” — was wrong!
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Student loan borrowers have options
Millions of Americans are needlessly making suffocating payments on their student loans and others are shooting themselves in the foot by ducking their payment responsibilities altogether. Yet both would be in better shape if the U.S. Department of …
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Students, legislators look for different options to tackle student loans
30 that recommended Congress increase protections to those who have taken out student loans. One of the recommendations suggests Congress change a 2005 law that makes it difficult for students to discharge private student loans when filing for …
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